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Asaurus Records

Today, I'd like to tell you crazy kids (yes, BOTH of you) about Asaurus Records, the label which is essentially leading the twee scene in Boston today, despite the fact they're located in Athens, Georgia.

It orginally started in Detroit, in the harsh winter of 2001. Actually, that's embelishment, but it is from Detroit circa 2001. In 2005, they relocated to Athens, Georgia, for some inexplicable reason. They describe themselves as interested in lo-fi, indie pop, and quiet noise, but about half of the music they do put out turns out to be twee, which was, I believe the purpose of this community? Well, at any rate, here's the highlights as I see them:

Pants Yell!
Ponies in the Surf
The Diskettes
New Grenada
This Bank Holiday

Asaurus Records

Alright, this was fun, we should do it again, even if you kids were already aware of Asaurus Records and I was just beating a dead horse. This community just looked so empty and sad, you know?

Happy Listening,
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yeah, haven't really had time to get it started yet. hopefully soon.
I'm guessing it's going to be a ratings community for twee music or just general discussion of twee or what?

Well, either way, sorry if I stole your thunder, Dave.
haha, it's okay. i think it's mainly going to be discussion. we'll have some sort of application, but seems to go against the whole idea in a way.

also, we'll be discussing the future of post-twee, the totally rocking genre we're going to start. maybe someone has already coined that term, but whatever.

it's totally the indie-pop of the future.
Post-twee is actually how I've seen Swedes describe lap-pop, like Her Space Holiday or Friday Bridge, though I'm sure your version of post-twee will be ten times cooler.

I must admit, I do look forward to the future now that I know what's going to be happening.
we're all about it. hope to see you here :)
i'd join if it wasn't so dead.