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under the rotunda

it's a good thing i like libraries... it's quiet in here! is anyone still around? i'm laini, and i found this community by accident, using google because i forgot the name of that baxendale song where he says "just because i like tigermilk doesn't mean i'm fucking twee". (i still can't remember and it's driving me insane)

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since it's only polite to bring a gift when you come to a party, here are pictures from the last time i saw the lucksmiths, in 2000, i think. signal 66 is a gallery in dc, then the next day they did an instore at the record store i used to work in. (i'm the short one :)) they were as sweet as their music. the whole set is here but be warned, there are a million of them; i went a little camera crazy, can you blame me?
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