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Hello, I'm new - "Some of my best friends are bastards like you."

Or, well, tragically not.

what's the worst job you've had?
I go to school and as of yet cannot claim to have done much else, although it was hideous enough to for one year be responsible for the amount of paper and general waste on the classroom floor - supposed to oscillate between zero and nothing, which was nearly impossible to achieve.

what do you read?
Four monthly music magazines and one weekly that shall not be named. Occasionally, books, for instance by J. D. Salinger or Paul Auster. These days I am trying to get through Truman Capote's "Other Voices, Other Rooms", unbelievably saddened by the fact that while I am fatally in love with the man in pictures, his writing refuses to make its way into my heart.

what's driving you mad?
That I have to endure several hours on various forms of public transport to get to a place where I can even just hope to be able to purchase any albums by The Wedding Present (although I do actually like public transport, I simply do not have the time or money to do that very often, which is to say more than twice a year) (as it happens, the first page of "Other Voices, Other Rooms" largely dealt with public transport, and I know it's a subject that can be written about very beautifully ... yet it wasn't), and that for vaguely similar reasons (except they didn't even come to that place, it was further away still) I failed to see The Lucksmiths live ... exactly four days ago.

Edit: It appears I neglected to mention it - I'm Kathrin.
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